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Hype and rumour abound as to the nature, price and design of the highly-expected Apple tablet – or iPad or iSlate. I won’t add to the false predictions but I’ll certainly tell you what I hope it isn’t. I hope it isn’t a full-sized tablet. This is … Read this except’s full story

Apple iPad features – Details about Apple’s new tablet computer – Examiner

If you are thinking the Apple iPad is like stretching an iPhone and giving it a great display, you are mostly right. The Apple iPad features aren’t a complete surprise. It has a beautiful display capable of showing great HD-quality video and is … Read this except’s full story

Apple iPad: The Ultimate Guide To iPad Features (PHOTOS) – Huffingtonpost.com

The official iPad features fell short on some of the rumored features , but they delivered in plenty of other areas to give users quite an experience. The iPad has had a mix of early reviews in its debut today, but some already believe it’s made … Read this except’s full story

Apple may have business-friendly iPad features up its sleeve – Ars Technica

Disagreements about the lack of certain features aside, Apple clearly had casual computer users in mind when building the iPad. Still, that doesn’t mean Apple will ignore enterprise users, which have been adopting the iPhone in growing numbers. iWork … Read this except’s full story

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He showed off various iPad features, which include browsing the web, checking email, working with spreadsheets and charts, playing videogames, listening to music or watching video. Jobs, who appeared thin but healthy, said Apple was launching an … Read this except’s full story