iPad features iDon’t want to see – Itwire.com

Hype and rumour abound as to the nature, price and design of the highly-expected Apple tablet – or iPad or iSlate. I won’t add to the false predictions but I’ll certainly tell you what I hope it isn’t. I hope it isn’t a full-sized tablet. This is … Read this except’s full story

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The way things are moving forward it might not be long before you say goodbye to your netbook, the just-arrived e-book readers and maybe even laptops and desktops. And if Apple has its way, even mobile handsets might be facing a bleak future! The … Read this except’s full story

Apple Launches iBook; Brings Developers On Stage To Show Off iPad … – MocoNews.net

Apple ( NSDQ: AAPL ) has officially announced the iPad, a device that is similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but bigger. So, what’s it for? Apple invited a few developers and publishers on stage to show off some of the features of the device … Read this except’s full story

Newly-released iPad features Apple’s first in-house microprocessor … – TopNews United States

Giving a peak at the details A4, Apple’s first in-house microprocessor which powers the newly-released iPad, Bright Side of News has reported that the system-on-a-chip includes an ARM Cortex-A9-based CPU along with an ARM Mali 50-series GPU. As per … Read this except’s full story

Features of Apple’s new iPad – MoneyControl.com

Apple Inc unveiled its “iPad” tablet computer in the company’s biggest product launch since the iPhone three years ago. Here are some key features of the new device announced on Wednesday. * 9.7 inch colour multi-touch display. * Costs USD499 for 16 … Read this except’s full story