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Apple’s brand new toy is finally here. Branded as a “magical and revolutionary product”, the iPad will most probably lead an emerging product market segment previously untapped by leading brands. In fact, the tablet PC segment is expected to grown significantly in the coming years with increase demands from the medical, business and technological sectors. But is the iPad truly revolutionary?

We can say that it boasts a solid set of features, but are they enough? The iPad is certainly not perfect, but it does show great promise as a new product in an unexploited market segment.


The Safari web browser on iPad puts the Internet in your hands — literally. View whole web pages in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen with vibrant color and sharp text at a size that’s actually readable. When you rotate iPad to landscape, the page you’re viewing rotates, too, then expands to fit the display.


The Mail app on iPad gives you a natural new way to see your email. Hold iPad in landscape for a split-screen view showing both an opened email and the messages in your inbox, each with a two-line preview of its contents. That makes it easy to get through lots of email quickly. When you want to focus on a single email message, turn iPad to portrait. The email message automatically rotates to fill the screen, so you can concentrate on its contents.


With the built-in Photos app on iPad, you can see and touch your photos in intuitive new ways. Your photo albums appear as tidy little stacks you can pinch to preview. Tap a stack, and the whole album opens up. From there you can scroll through thumbnails. Tap to view full screen. Or flip through photos one at a time.


A beautiful 9.7-inch high-resolution display makes iPad perfect for watching any kind of video: from HD movies and TV shows to podcasts and music videos. Since iPad is essentially one big screen — with no distracting keypad or buttons — you feel completely immersed in whatever you’re watching. And you can keep watching for up to 10 hours, thanks to the lithium-polymer battery in iPad.


The YouTube app is designed specifically to take advantage of all the capabilities of iPad. The high-resolution screen makes YouTube videos look amazing, especially those in HD. Content is organized in a new way, so it’s easy to navigate and watch. Tap what you want to see, and the video automatically appears full screen. Use your fingers to play, pause, and advance through a video. Turn iPad sideways and it plays in widescreen.


The big, beautiful iPad display lets you browse your music collection by song, artist, album, genre, or composer with the touch of a finger. See your music as full-size album art. Flip through all your albums and tap to choose what you want to hear. It’s as natural as flipping through CDs.


You’re in a coffee shop and you hear a song you just have to have. Or you’re in an airport, wishing you had a good movie to watch. With Wi-Fi access and one tap of the iTunes icon, you can discover new music, movies to buy or rent, TV shows, and podcasts. Then download it all wirelessly, right to your iPad. Wherever you happen to be.

App Store

With iPad, you get instant access to almost all of the 150,000 apps on the App Store in every possible category: games, lifestyle, social networking, education, and dozens more. iPad works with just about all the apps designed for iPhone and iPod touch, including apps you’ve already downloaded. Just tap the App Store icon on your iPad, find an app you like, and download it. You can browse apps in all kinds of ways. See a list of new apps in Featured. Peruse by category. Check out the Top 25 apps. Even preview each app. If you know exactly which app you’re looking for, find it by doing a quick search.


Finding your way is a completely new experience on iPad. Tap to view locations from above with high-resolution satellite imagery, up close with street view, by topography with a new terrain view, and in map view — all using Google services. Drag your finger up to lift the corner of the map, and you can switch between views. iPad with Wi-Fi finds your location using known Wi-Fi hotspots, and Wi-Fi + 3G models use Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular towers. So you can get routes, get directions, and get there in no time.


Use the Notes app to jot down anything and everything and take it with you wherever you go. iPad is so thin and light, you can take it to a meeting, a lecture, even the grocery store. The iPad display gives you plenty of space to fill with your notes and to-do lists.


Calendar on iPad keeps your busy life beautifully organized. View your calendar by day, week, or month. See everything in a list. iPad changes views with a tap or a turn. In portrait view, you can see an entire month or the details of a single day. Rotate iPad to landscape, and you’ll find a list of the day’s activities on one side and your detailed schedule on the other. iPad makes it easy to focus on what you’re doing now, even while you plan for what’s next.


With iPad, you can do more with your contacts than ever before. Put a photo to a name, so you can find someone at a glance. Add an email address and you can send a message with a tap. Or add birthdays, anniversaries, and important notes to any contact. You can even set a reminder that’s saved to your calendar.

Home Screen

The Home screen is where you start on iPad. It’s where you’ll find all your applications. It’s where you go to switch between them by pressing the Home button. And you can make it all your own. Customize your Home screen by adding your favorite apps and websites. If you check the same websites every day, create icons that let you access them from your Home screen with a single tap. You can even use one of your favorite photos as the wallpaper. However you customize your Home screen, your iPad will be one of a kind.

Spotlight Search

When you’re looking for something specific on your iPad, you’ll find it fast with Spotlight Search. Flick to the right on the main Home screen to open Spotlight, type in a keyword, and search your iPad. Tap any result to go directly to a contact, play a song, open a calendar event, and more.


iPad comes with a screen reader, support for playback of closed-captioned content, and other innovative universal access features — right out of the box. There’s no additional software to buy or install. These features make iPad easier to use for people who have a vision impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a physical or learning disability.


Download the iBooks app free from the App Store.* More than a great ebook reader, it’s also an amazing place to browse and shop for books — anytime, day or night. Tap the iBooks icon and your bookshelf appears. In the upper-left corner, you’ll find the Store button. Tap it and the bookshelf flips around like a secret passageway to reveal the iBookstore, where you can browse books by title, author, or genre. View what’s featured on the iBookstore, the New York Times best-seller lists, and more. When you find a book you like, tap it to see more details, peruse reviews, even read a sample. Buy the book and it appears on your bookshelf. You can start reading right away.


Keynote is the powerful presentation app you love from iWork, completely reworked for iPad and Multi-Touch. So you can do everything on iPad with a tap or drag of your finger — from creating your first slide to presenting your work.


Pages for iPad combines robust writing and advanced layout tools with the simplicity of Multi-Touch. So you can create all kinds of documents — including newsletters, reports, brochures, and flyers — using just your fingers. Choose from 16 Apple-designed templates, and you’re off to a beautiful start. Text is crisp, clear, and very readable on the large, bright iPad screen. And the handy page navigator lets you scroll through your document in thumbnails, so you can quickly jump to any page you want.


Who knew making spreadsheets could feel so natural? Numbers is the most powerful spreadsheet app designed to work with iPad and Multi-Touch technology. With a few taps, you can create tables and charts, add photos and graphics, and enter and edit data. Numbers isn’t just a spreadsheet application — it’s a flexible canvas. Which means you can add multiple tables and charts anywhere on a sheet and move them wherever you like. And every spreadsheet starts out stunning, thanks to Apple-designed templates. Choose from 16 templates for home, work, and school, then make it your own.

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