Apple iPads Will Include A Camera – eWeek Europe

Future versions of Apple’s iPad tablet will include a camera, according to evidence – but it looks like the first devices will be shipped with no camera The Apple’s iPad could contain a built-in camera, according to clues dropped at the launch, and a … Read this except’s full story

E-readers point in new directions – Tulsa World

NEW YORK — It’s a big year for e-book reading, not just because Apple Inc. just announced a tablet computer, the iPad, that comes with a new iBookstore. Other manufacturers have been flooding the field to capitalize on the success of the Kindle … Read this except’s full story

Google Shows Off a Chrome Tablet With 1,000 Faces – TechNewsWorld

… video shows the ability to launch multiple instances of the browser at once, meaning users would be able to multitask, a feature conspicuously absent from Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) recently announced iPad tablet. Of course, that’s not the only … Read this except’s full story

Will FOSS Jump Into the iPad Fray? – MacNewsWorld

The iPhone opened the world’s eyes to smartphones, creating a category that quickly headed toward “must have” status. Then, along came the open source mobile OS, Android. Some predictions suggest that it could overtake the iPhone in just a few years … Read this except’s full story

Size Really Does Matter: The iPad Achieves What the iPod Can’t – TMCnet

Many are missing the evolutionary opportunity at hand. With the launch of the iPad, Apple is extending their mobile offering. If you’re thinking of mobile as a phone you’ve missed the mark. Think of mobile as a state of being and you’re much … Read this except’s full story