US iPad Pricing

Apple heralds the long-awaited iPad as their “most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price”.

From what we can gather by preliminarily assessing Apple’s iPad keynote, the iPad video presentation and various online sources, the iPad does in fact seem to boast some pretty advance technologies, some amazingly cool features and a slew of Apple’s typical patents. So, yes maybe the iPad does, in fact, represent Apple’s most advanced technology.

Is the device magical and revolutionary? We’re still not sure about that. But Apple is certainly trying to pitch their new tablet as exactly that: magical and revolutionary. In all fairness, we’ll just have to wait until they finally release the iPad to confirm its magical and revolutionary nature.

And what about the unbelievable price? Well… that’s really a tough one because without actually testing the iPad and seeing its full potential in terms of handling applications (especially productivity ones), no one can really say whether or not the iPad pricing is unbelievable.

But at $499, the iPad certainly does seem affordable.

iPad Pricing