iPad Features: Mail

Netbooks step aside, the era of the tablet is coming! And the iPad will be the very first high-profile tablet to come out in April 2010. But will Apple’s latest creation set the standard for tablets (just as it did for MP3 players with the iPod) or will it disappoint by being just an oversized iPhone?

In this post, we look at one of the many iPad features: Mail.


Mail is Apple’s signature e-mail client, and it’s actually a really good one. Mail on Mac OS X has a characteristically slick interface, an efficient workflow and advanced search/customization features for the e-mail power-user.

The question is: can Apple translate the magic that made Mail so good on Mac OS X onto the iPad when it releases it in April?

Answer: We think so, but we’ll really have to wait until we actually have a version of iPad Mail.

However, we do have to remind people that the iPad is an oversized (but very cool-looking) iPhone and that Mail on the iPhone is catastrophically annoying to use.

Basically, setting up Mail on the iPhone is quite easy and the general light user won’t every encounter a problem or develop frustrations with it. However, if you’re a power-user and receive a hundred e-mails in a day, sifting through all of those on the iPhone is a real nightmare.

This pains associated with e-mail usage on the iPhone might not find themselves in the iPad, and we really hope so. The iPad (9.7-inch) does have a much bigger screen than the iPhone  and hopefully that will be enough to fix the shortcomings iPhone Mail had.

But, we’ll have to wait until we get our hands on an iPad in April in order to be fully able to review this iPad feature.