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5 awesome iPad features no one saw coming – DVICE

Now that the iPad is out and into the hot little hands — or surprisingly cool hands, as you’ll find out on this list — of the masses, Apple’s much-anticipated tablet is getting put through the paces: displays are getting tapped, apps downloaded … Read this except’s full story

Apple iPad Features Reviewer Surprises, Kindle App – eWeek

com, although its Kindle e-reader competes directly with the iPad in the e-book arena, announced on April 2 that it would make a free Kindle App for iPad available in the App Store . Some 450,000 books are available via the app, which integrates … Read this except’s full story

Sight unseen, fans hear "iPad" and think "iWant" – Denver Post

The iPad features a 9.7-inch touch screen, compared with 3.5 inches on the iPhone — one reason people might pay for news and information that is often free in other formats online. Read this except’s full story

10 missing iPad features – Examiner

The announcement of the iPad was met with mixed feelings by the tech industry, who loved the low price and the keyboard dock, but wasn’t so much in love with all of the missing iPad features. So what will we miss the most that didn’t make it into the … Read this except’s full story

iPad features Marvel launch app – Digital Spy

Marvel Comics and comiXology have created an application which will be available on the first week of sale for Apple’s iPad. Various websites and publications given advanced samples of the hotly-anticipated device have mentioned Marvel’s app in their … Read this except’s full story